Do you sell new or used furniture?
We specialize new furniture, and new options and inventory arrive in the shop every week.
Where does your new furniture come from?
We have a few local artists that make things, and the weird metal yard art comes from Laredo (made in Mexico).


We order new furniture and decor from the following companies:

  • Acme Furniture
  • Albany
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Coaster
  • Coast to Coast Imports
  • CrownMark
  • Home Trends & Design
  • International Furniture
  • Million Dollar Rustic
  • Simmons/United
  • Steve Silver
  • Torrans Manufacturing
  • UMA Industries
Does it cost more to order from the catalog?
No, because we order new furniture every week we simply add your order to ours. There is never an extra charge to order or assemble.
Is there a warranty?
New furniture usually has at least a one year warranty, sometimes longer. Depending on the vendor. Furniture off the floor is under warranty if it is new, but please make sure that you notice scratches or any potential damage as all floor models are sold “as is”. We can always order a new item for you if the floor model isn’t quite perfect.
Do we have to put the furniture together ourselves?
Nope, unless it’s easier for you to get it home in the box. There is never a charge for assembly.
Do you deliver?

Delivery is usually available within a day or two in the Greater Austin Area. Delivery prices vary, please call or come by for the delivery quote.

Factors that may increase delivery charges:

  • If we have to send more than one delivery guy (you save if you can help!)
  • You live far away
  • The item you bought is heavy and it needs to go up three flights of stairs!
I saw an ad for something on Craigslist, do you have it in the store?
Maybe. We have about 10,000 square feet to display our furniture (and other fun things) and access to thousands of items from the catalogs. We place ads for everything we CAN get in the store, but don’t always have on hand. Typically newly placed orders will arrive in about one week.
How long does it take to get something from a catalog?
  • For Coaster & Crown Mark we place orders every Monday morning. We usually receive shipment on Wednesday or Thursday. Every few months we get the odd order that takes a few days longer.
  • Sometimes these companies may have items on back order. We usually find out when we place the order on Monday morning and will call you asap to let you know.
  • Sofa companies that make their stuff here in the states (Albany, Newport, United Furniture Ind., American Furniture Mfg) don’t make anything until we order it. Please call to find out our current stock and if we have anything on order. Special orders can take from 2 to 10 weeks, it really depends!


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